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How to send help to Ukraine

Lots of people in the UK asking me how best to help Ukrainians. So here's an initial list.

Please comment/write to me to add to it, it should expand.



Kharkiv With You

I know these guys, based in the city of Kharkiv, NE Ukraine, they do a great job getting essential supplies, both humanitarian and frontline.

International Federation of Journalists, fund for Ukrainian reporters

Also journalism: The 2402 fund which trains and kits out journalists in Ukraine.

Razom, a Ukrainian charity with a huge scope

Pavers Foundation: I know these guys personally, met Stuart Paver in Romania and put him in touch with volunteers to get supplies into Odesa. They also fund other stuff but have done a huge amount for Ukraine.

Austrian charity I know, working on the ground, humanitarian help: IBAN: AT40 2011 1822 2084 4704,


Verwendungszweck: Projekt Tschernobyl-Kinder

The big guys: I've seen what Unicef & Ukrainian red cross do on the ground, and it's good work, so don't write them off.

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